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It’s no understatement to say that everybody in southeast Wisconsin  knows Jill Jensen. After nearly 10 years of appearing in  TV commercials for Schaefer Motors, Jill has become permanently identified with the dealership. Even she refers to herself as  "The Schaefer Lady". "Everybody thinks I’m married to someone on staff—or that  I work here," explains Jill. "And everybody feels like they know me."
 Not that she’s complaining. Jill loves her role as Schaefer’s spokesperson and unofficial rolling advertisement. You’ll spot her all around Racine in her sporty gold Pontiac Sunfire  convertible, with the top down even in 40 degree March weather!

TV Commercials have given Jill Jensen an
as Schaefer Motor's spokesperson.
 But she's establishing herself as a talented
 singer, too, performing with her husband,
 Jack Grassel on a new CD.


After several years of consideration, Schaefer Motors’ president Mark Ulinski decided to try running some television ads in the Milwaukee market in the early ‘90s. He wasn’t sure how well it would work for a Racine dealership to advertise against the big Milwaukee dealerships. But since then, Schaefer Motors has grown to become Wisconsin’s number-one Jeep dealership for six years in a row, and has also seen its Pontiac product line flourish as well.

The ads have made Schaefer Motors a familiar name to hundreds of thousands of local TV viewers, largely due to Jill’s smiling face and that familiar commercial tag line she delivers: "Nobody beats a Schaefer deal—nobody!"

Jill had been involved with the Racine Theater Guild, Penguin Players and had also done some local TV commercials when the video production company sent her on her first Schaefer job.

"Originally, Schaefer had wanted an older, male spokesperson—a Wilford Brimley-type," Jill says with a laugh. "They got me instead!"

At least a half-dozen of the ads are created each year. Each one takes three to four hours to shoot. "The outdoor ones are the toughest because of all the noise. You get motorcycles and trucks rumbling by, geese flying overhead and wind. It’s also a challenge to stand outside in spring clothes and look like it’s warm weather when it’s freezing cold!"


Jill and Jack perform at Salmon-A-Rama 

Jill’s ads for Schaefer Motors are just a small portion of what this busy lady does. She and her husband (jazz guitarist Jack Grassel) are both well-known musicians who frequently can be found entertaining at venues from Milwaukee to Chicago and beyond.

Jill’s latest endeavor is a new recording that combines their talents.

The CD, titled "Seems Like Dreams" features jazz classics and standards, and performances from several well-known jazz musicians.

Jill says "Seems Like Dreams" is exactly what her life is like right now. "Getting to make songs like these and sing them the way I’ve always imagined them is like a dream for me, and I get to live it. These songs are like old friends—a musical hug."

Jill has loved singing ever since she was a child and has always performed in one way or another. She’s been a regular at Summerfest and Salmon-a-Rama, and was recently named "Favorite Female Vocalist" in a Racine Journal-Times reader’s poll.

This latest project marks a bold step forward for her: a commitment to full-time pursuit of her performing skills. She’s working to get additional vocal and theatrical jobs, hopefully in the Chicago area.

But no matter what the future holds, Jill hopes to retain her job as The Schaefer Lady. After all, nobody beats a Scheafer deal!

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